Kush Bottles Comments on New York Times Article: "Snacks Laced with Marijuana Raise Concerns"

Colorado regulators move to tighten laws regarding packaging of edible marijuana products

SANTA ANA, Calif., Feb. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Kush Bottles, North America's largest supplier of child-resistant packaging and state approved Philips Rx bottles for the marijuana industry, announced that they have several packaging options that meet the state's requirements for child resistant containers for edible marijuana products.

Recently, the New York Times reported that the popularity of marijuana edibles has alarmed regulators, who say the highly concentrated snacks are "Increasingly landing in the hands of teenagers looking for a sweet, discreet high, or of children too young to know the difference between pot brownies and regular ones."

Dr. George Sam Wang, a clinical instructor in pediatrics at Children's Hospital, said that marijuana cookies, cakes or candies are made to look enticing. "Those edible products are inherently more attractive than what a bud would look like," Dr. Wang said.

According to KDVR-TV, when Colorado legislators developed regulations for a new recreational marijuana industry last year, some items were neglected. "It's no surprise that lawmakers overlooked a few things," the station reported.

Now, a new bill introduced by Rep. Daniel Kagan, (D-Denver), will address another gap in the law concerning the packaging of recreational marijuana, which currently states that "All products be sold in opaque, child-proof packaging — with the exception of brownies and other edibles —  the marijuana products most likely to be mistakenly consumed by young children," the report stated.

Kush Bottles has been a long-time advocate of child safety and a vocal front-line proponent that all companies in the newly legalized marijuana industry act responsibly and in full compliance of all regulations.

"We have a full line of products that meet the standards for child safe packaging in the State of Colorado," according to Ben Wu, CEO of Kush Bottles, Inc. "Our packaging has been tested and certified child resistant in accordance with ASTM and CPSC standards for both marijuana and edibles," he added. "We urge dispensary owners to not wait for this new law to go into effect, but to act responsibly and proactively by placing all edibles in resealable, certified child-resistant containers."

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Kush Bottles is the nation's largest wholesale distributor of child resistant and medical grade containers for the marijuana industry.

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