Kush Bottles Offers Free Packaging Review to Dispensary Owners Facing Increased Investigation

Colorado MED adding enforcement agents and undercover operatives

DENVER, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Kush Bottles, North America's premier supplier of certified, child-resistant packaging and Colorado-compliant Philips Rx Pop Top bottles for the marijuana industry, commented today on the news that the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) has pledged stronger enforcement, including adding enforcement agents, data analysis and undercover operatives.

As reported in the Denver Post, the agency is increasing manpower, and almost doubling the size of their staff.

"They are really going to staff this, put boots on the ground," said Jeff Gard, a Boulder lawyer who represents marijuana businesses. "If you have been getting away with stuff because the state was underfunded, you may find yourself not only out of business, but in jail," the Post reported.

An official with the agency said that some dispensaries would be targeted more than others.

"The large majority of our licensees want to comply with the law," said Ron Kammerzell, the division's senior director of enforcement. "They've got a lot invested in this. But there's a smaller percentage that either don't understand the rules or don't care. Those are the ones we need to be focused on."

Using Incorrect Packaging and Labeling Remains a Leading Violation

Recent inspections led to 63 warning letters being sent to businesses for packaging, labeling or tracking oversights, the Post reported.

Kammerzell also said that the division plans to send undercover operatives to dispensaries to test the establishment's compliance and adherence to regulations.

Ben Wu, CEO of Kush Bottles, said that his team is ready to help any dispensary owner stay 100% compliant by outfitting them with state-approved, certified child-resistant packaging.

"Unfortunately, there are still some distributors in this industry that are selling inferior and unapproved packaging solutions to unsuspecting dispensary owners," Ben commented. "As a company that is dedicated to compliance, we can help dispensaries make sure that their packaging systems are all up to code."

Kush Bottles Colorado has a large team of locally-based experts in the marijuana industry that can visit any dispensary upon request and conduct a free review of their packaging, including bottles, vials, labels and bags.

"We want to help dispensary owners and operators stay in business, and avoid fines and potential license revocation," Ben stated. "We offer our free packaging review so that dispensaries can remain complaint and our industry can thrive."

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Kush Bottles is the nation's largest supplier of child resistant and medical grade containers for the marijuana industry.  The company sells a full line of packaging solutions, including the Philips Rx Pop Top bottles, which are certified child resistant by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Kush Bottles are made in the USA with FDA-approved materials.

Kush Bottles is the exclusive provider of Colorado MED-compliant Philips Rx Pop Top bottles, which have been certified to meet the standards for child resistance as set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and ASTM, which fulfill the requirements of Title 16 CFR 1700 of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.

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