Kush Bottles Provides Products to Help Protect Marijuana Growers, Processors and Sellers from Liability

Company CEO comments on recent Reuters report on marijuana exposures

SANTA ANA, Calif., Nov. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Kush Bottles, North America's premier supplier of child-resistant packaging and branding solutions for the marijuana industry, commented on the recent report that claimed marijuana exposure incidents have spiked in Washington state. Reuters reported that incidents, especially among teenagers, appear to be linked to the state's largely unregulated medical marijuana industry.

Marijuana exposures are defined as any situation where an adult or child suffers an adverse reaction to the consumption of marijuana, such as increased heart rate, paranoia or stomach illness, according to the Washington Poison Center.

Kush Bottles co-founder and CEO Nicholas Kovacevich said that the company is pushing for responsible packaging and labeling as a way to better prevent incidents of poisoning or accidental ingestion.

"As one of the nation's premier providers of child-safe packaging and labeling solutions for both cannabis flower and edible products, we are well versed in helping reduce accidental cannabis ingestions," Kovacevich stated. "We are happy to work with all producers, processors, and retail and medical shops to help them reduce their exposure to marijuana poisoning incidents," he added. "The fact is, that there may be liability up and down the chain - from seed to sale - if there are accidental ingestions. We'd like to help assure that never happens."

While the article did not clarify whether the exposures were from flower product or marijuana-infused edibles, Kovacevich said that protecting minors from exposure is key to defending growers and sellers from liability, and to assuring the growth and viability of the legal cannabis industry.

Kush Bottles is a leading provider of marijuana packaging solutions and is well known for their certified child-resistant Pop Top Bottles. The company also carries an exclusive line of innovative smoking accessories including rollers, papers, and grinders; cannabis apparel; and special gift packages that are designed to appeal to the cannabis aficionado.

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